Monday, 21 July 2014

Newly Inspired

So, today I decided it was time.

If you have read my previous blogs you will see that I have been feeling very {un}inspired and my great passion has taken the backseat. Which is actually quiet sad as it's what keeps me sane. And you will have read that I started this blog to try and get some inspiration and get my passion out from the backseat and back in front. And....... today was the day.

Yesterday I went through allot of blogs relating to my passion (woodcraft) and felt extremely inspired by the work you all do. (and what I want to do)

 It all started with a SERIOUS need to do a clean up in my workshop - before pics below.

Yes, actually sharing this picture is going to leave me extremely embarrassed, and will turn any person into and {un}inspired woodcraft-er, but there is reason for my madness. By sharing this with you, means I also need to send an after picture. So holding my head in shame, my workshop Now.

So, the clean up has started and pictures will follow. I'm definitely feeling more inspired than I have a while.

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